13, Dezembro 2018

New Work: Smart for all generations

Premiered on social media early this month the advertisement “Smart for all generations”, a challenge proposed to Pixbee by the Sociedade Comercial C. Santos, Smart concessionaire.

The film, directed by Pedro Mangano, shows the passion for Smart that can be felt by all generations, making real the brand slogan.

During the advertisement, a couple, interpreted by the instagramers Maria Pereira and Paulo César, live, over the various life stages, the passion for Smart.

Through several characterizations, scenarios and recording times, Pixbee has given life to the concept "Smart for all generations".


client: SOC. C. SANTOS   instagramers: PAULO CÉSAR e MARIA PEREIRA  diretor: PEDRO MAGANO  diretor of Photography: PEDRO MAGANO  assistant director: RICARDO TEIXEIRA making of: NUNO FAISCA  assistant: MÁRCIO Producer: LILIANA LASPRILLA 


Making Of